The efforts of an M&B trial team consisting of Avi Moskowitz, Todd Parker, and Chris Neff resulted in a hung jury and a mistrial for M&B's client and his corporation on fraud charges.

- October 24, 2017 A hung jury means that M&B's clients were not convicted of any of the charges against them. During the course of the trial, the prosecution tried unsuccessfully to withdraw the testimony of its main cooperating witness after he was shown during cross-examination to have, among other things, falsely implicated three innocent individuals in a sworn statement to the District Attorney's Office. The prosecution also dropped one of the charges against M&B's clients before summations after M&B successfully argued that the charge fell outside of the applicable statute of limitations. After the judge declared the mistrial, Avi Moskowitz told Law 360 that after two long days of deliberation, [the jury] couldn't figure it out. To me, that's the definition of reasonable doubt. For more details, please follow this link for Law 360's in depth coverage of the trial.