M&B offers mediation services which focus primarily on resolving cases involving employment discrimination, employment contracts and wage and hour violations. Here are a few reasons why our mediation services are unique:

A Different Perspective

We have worked in the area of employment law for more than twenty years, representing both small employers and employees, and have litigated and tried cases in state and federal courts, as well as in arbitration on behalf of both employers and employees. In the course of mediating cases, we bring the perspective of a practicing lawyer, who worked in the trenches and understands the competing interests and behind the scenes issues in most employment cases. While it is sometimes helpful to have a retired judge serve as mediator, there are times that a mediator with the practical experience of litigating employment cases is a valuable resource. Chaim has received extensive training as a mediator and has worked as a mediator, both privately retained and in the federal SDNY and EDNY mediation programs. Chaim is proud to say that he has successfully resolved a number of employment, wage and hour, and breach of contract cases in those mediations.

Substantive Knowledge

There is a value in having a mediator who knows the substantive law. You start off speaking the same language and don’t have to provide extensive background information. Court-appointed mediators and even some privately retained mediators do not necessarily have any background in or knowledge of employment law.

Fair Pricing

The larger mediation firms charge fees that can exceed $10,000 for a single mediation session, leading many clients to question if it is really worth mediating if there is no guarantee of settlement. We offer alternatives of reasonable hourly rates or flat fee daily rates for mediations.