About Us

At Moskowitz & Book, we are counselors and advisors, as well as tenacious advocates, for our clients. We have vast experience in all areas of employment law, criminal law and business law.

At Moskowitz & Book, we treat the practice of law as a practical matter. Because many of our clients are individuals, and small and mid-sized businesses, we help our clients avoid litigation wherever possible, including using alternative methods of dispute resolution. We advise clients on how to take a practical approach to comply with the law, to respond to government investigations appropriately and to negotiate practical resolutions to potential litigation.

Where litigation is unavoidable, we work with our clients to formulate an affordable litigation budget, to strategize every step of the way, and to keep them regularly informed as to the progress of the case.

The firm concentrates in many areas of litigation, arbitration and mediation including Labor and Employment, Breach of Contract, Criminal Defense and Commercial. The firm represents individuals and businesses in court, mediations and arbitrations, and before federal and state regulatory authorities. The firm also serves as outside “general counsel” to many highly successful businesses, not for profit organizations and schools.

We represent clients in all federal, state and local courts in New York and New Jersey, and have working relationships with lawyers in other practice areas such as corporate, securities, real estate, trusts and estates, negligence and medical malpractice.

We not only strive to provide the best legal representation possible, but also to practice in the most cost-conscious manner available. We accept a variety of payment methods to address the needs of our individual clients and will work with you to address your legal, as well your financial concerns. With years of experience in the industry, we have built long-standing relationships of trust with some of the most reputable legal service companies in the area. It is on the backs of these relationships that we are able to practice law in a financially sensitive manner and pass those considerations along to you.