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An Interview with Peter R. Ginsberg, Esq. Regarding Antitrust Issues Arising Out of the PGA TOUR and LIV Golf Controversy

Potential legal battles loom surrounding the PGA TOUR’s decision to deny players’ release requests to participate in LIV Golf events and threats to void their PGA TOUR membership.  Peter R. Ginsberg, Of Counsel at Moskowitz and Book, LLP., offers his take on the antitrust issues presented by PGA TOUR’s position in a recent episode of The Stripe Show, hosted by Travis Fulton.  Ginsberg has substantial experience representing players and coaches in actions adverse to major sports organizations such as the NFL, the PGA TOUR, and the NCAA.

The PGA TOUR, a non-profit organization headed by Commissioner Jay Monahan, is being accused of administering monopolistic and anti-competitive practices that compromise the rights of players and suppress challenges to the TOUR’s domination and control of men’s professional golf.

Golfers who join LIV are posed to be sanctioned by the PGA TOUR, and antitrust claims of monopoly and conspiracy against the PGA TOUR are likely to be filed in response.  Ginsberg and Fulton discuss what LIV and players will need to prove to succeed on potential antitrust claims and what arguments are available to the PGA TOUR in its defense.

To hear more about what is to come from the PGA, LIV, and their players, check out Travis Fulton’s full interview with Ginsberg on The Stripe Show podcast here.