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M&B Scores Huge Victory in EDNY

We would like to congratulate our partner Avi Moskowitz for his recent victory in a criminal trial in federal court resulting in a complete acquittal for his client.

On June 13, 2022, a jury in the Eastern District of New York returned a not guilty verdict in favor of Wael Bakry, a Moskowitz & Book client, and two other defendants, on charges of Medicare fraud, money laundering and tax fraud. The jury took only two hours to acquit the defendants after a three week trial during which the Government called six cooperating witnesses and three experts in its failed attempt to prove that the defendants were part of a multi-million dollar fraud scheme to pay kickbacks to patients to get them to visit the clinics at which the defendants, all of whom are health care providers, maintained their practices. The prosecution was the outgrowth of an article in USA Today that identified the defendants as among the highest Medicare billers in their professions.