Private Schools

M&B represents more than thirty private schools and yeshivas in the Tri-State area.

We draw on our experience of working with private schools for more than fifteen years and advise schools on best practices to comply with all employment-related laws and that will create a harmonious and positive work environment for administration, faculty and staff.

Our clients consult with us in setting up employment policies, drafting or updating employee handbooks, drafting or updating student and parent handbooks and drafting employment contracts or severance agreements. Some examples of matters for which our clients consult with us are best practices policies, medical and family leave issues, providing reasonable accommodations for religious practices and for disabilities, social media policies and appropriate disciplinary measures for violations of employment policies.

We spend time consulting with our clients seeking to institute best practices and to assist in problem solving.

We also have represented schools in mediation and arbitration of disputes before private mediators and arbitrators, as well as in Rabbinical courts such as Beth Din of America and Mechon L’Hoyroa.